Saturday, February 20, 2010

Reality Check

Yesterday was the best day at Sycamore yet! I was there literally all do so I helped Trena accomplish a lot! We responded to countless emails, filled out lead sheets, wrote contracts, created BEOs, attended a BEO meeting, worked with ACT and Auto Clerk 2, and had an incredible heart to heart talk.

I have always been interested in how Trena got to her position, as wedding coordinator and event sales manager, and I finally asked her. She explained her professional journey and she said that the most important aspect of her path was getting her feet wet in all entities of weddings and events. She began as a banquet server, worked her way up to banquet captain, volunteered to help with weddings and fought off other qualified people to get her current position. For some reason, I thought since I had the internship, that would be enough to hopefully get me a wedding planner job one day. But, this reality check helped me realize I could not have been any farther off. Honestly, I felt discouraged when Trena said that I needed to get a banquet server position because I have no experience in the food industry. But, I see why this is important and I am hoping that my drive, determination, and passion for the industry will shine through when I apply for banquet server positions.

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