Sunday, January 30, 2011

Communication Studies Club's Annual Career Symposium

Over the past two quarters, I have had the pleasure of planning the 23rd Annual Career Symposium for the Communication Studies Club. I planned everything from the budget to creating, printing, and selling tickets to purchasing speaker and raffle tickets to working with the venue's Event Coordinator to selecting the decorations to deciding on the menu to picking the color scheme. It was more work than expected but it provided me with an opportunity to hone in my event planning and leadership skills. The event was from 9:30 am til 2:30 pm and consisted of six speakers who graduated with a Communication Studies degree from Cal Poly. Their careers covered everything from sales to event marketing to media relations. Over 75 people bought tickets for the Career Symposium and I am so thankful that I could plan an event that inspired so many undergraduate students! The event was incredibly successful this year and I was provided with a lot of positive feedback following the event. The club's advisor, fellow executive board members, and classmates alike told that the marketing strategy I utilized had a positive relationship with ticket sales and that I started planning every last detail of the event earlier than people ever have in the past. Upon the conclusion of the event, my advisor let me know that next year's Event Coordinator will have tough shoes to fill.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Planning The Career Symposium

As the Event Coordinator for the Communication Studies Club, I have the privilege of planning the Career Symposium. The event is next Sunday and I have been working on it since September. This weekend was spent driving all around town to get ready for the big day. Planning the Career Symposium has been such a great opportunity for me to improve my time management and communication skills, my ability to create and stick to a budget, and has encouraged me to think outside of the box.

My room is currently filled with over a dozen vases and the necessary items to make flower arrangements, gifts for the presenters, and the materials to create take away folders for all who attend. This event has been more work than expected, but I have loved every minute of it!