Thursday, October 28, 2010

My Fifteenth and Final Wedding

Last weekend was the last wedding for my internship. William and Nicole got married on Saturday, October 23rd. They had a beautiful beach wedding with a bit of Texan flare.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My Thirteenth and Fourteenth Weddings

This past weekend was one hectic yet memorable weekend with weddings at Sycamore. On Saturday, Becky and Tony got married. Their colors were black, white and red. They had a candy bar and a Tequila shaped cake along with many personalized items including chapsticks, magnets, and cocktail napkins.

On Sunday, Dani and Ryan had a beach themed wedding. They had lots of candles spread throughout the room which added an intimate touch to the reception in addition to blue and white accented rocks and shells.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Event Planning On Campus

Ever since I began my internship, I have wanted to get more involved in event planning on the Cal Poly campus. With that being said, I ran for the Event Coordinator position for the Communication Studies Club Board and I got it! For this position, I am in charge of planning several events but the two that I am most excited about are the Annual Career Symposium and the Spring Banquet. For the Career Symposium, I get the pleasure of working with my internship director in putting on a brunch and workshop at Sycamore Mineral Springs Resort. I get to decide everything from the colors to the theme. I also get to assist in picking the speakers, all of whom are Cal Poly Communication Studies graduates. I will collaborate with a graphic design student to create the tickets and flyers. I will also be the main contact person for ticket sales. Finally, I will be the one to come up with the thank you gifts for the speakers and amenities for the guests. As for the Spring Banquet, I will be in charge of booking the venue (which is traditionally at a golf course in Avila Beach), picking the menu, booking a d.j., coming up with colors, themes, and decorations. I will also be in charge of promoting the event and coming up with awards for the extraordinary Seniors.

When it came to picking a Senior Project, I knew I wanted to plan an event. After talking to countless Communication majors who have already completed their Senior Project, I decided to take part in planning the 8th Annual CubeSat Workshop at Cal Poly. I, along with two other Senior Communication Studies majors, will be planning a three day workshop with a $50,000 budget. We will be in change of everything from fundraising to PR to planning the banquet at one of the local hotels with over a $15,000 budget!

I am incredibly excited about both of these positions because I am getting to be creative and think of new ways to make these annual events better than ever before.