Sunday, October 3, 2010

Event Planning On Campus

Ever since I began my internship, I have wanted to get more involved in event planning on the Cal Poly campus. With that being said, I ran for the Event Coordinator position for the Communication Studies Club Board and I got it! For this position, I am in charge of planning several events but the two that I am most excited about are the Annual Career Symposium and the Spring Banquet. For the Career Symposium, I get the pleasure of working with my internship director in putting on a brunch and workshop at Sycamore Mineral Springs Resort. I get to decide everything from the colors to the theme. I also get to assist in picking the speakers, all of whom are Cal Poly Communication Studies graduates. I will collaborate with a graphic design student to create the tickets and flyers. I will also be the main contact person for ticket sales. Finally, I will be the one to come up with the thank you gifts for the speakers and amenities for the guests. As for the Spring Banquet, I will be in charge of booking the venue (which is traditionally at a golf course in Avila Beach), picking the menu, booking a d.j., coming up with colors, themes, and decorations. I will also be in charge of promoting the event and coming up with awards for the extraordinary Seniors.

When it came to picking a Senior Project, I knew I wanted to plan an event. After talking to countless Communication majors who have already completed their Senior Project, I decided to take part in planning the 8th Annual CubeSat Workshop at Cal Poly. I, along with two other Senior Communication Studies majors, will be planning a three day workshop with a $50,000 budget. We will be in change of everything from fundraising to PR to planning the banquet at one of the local hotels with over a $15,000 budget!

I am incredibly excited about both of these positions because I am getting to be creative and think of new ways to make these annual events better than ever before.


  1. miss you brittany! love reading about your events:)

  2. Thank you, Emily!! I miss you too!! You really should come stop by work one of these days!